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Sell!: The Way Your Customers Want to Buy

82.00 ₪מחיר
  • What do How to Win Friends and Influence People and Sell! have in common (other than Dale Carnegie)?

    They're both based on the premise that RELATIONSHIPS are what matter. In this age, where media is social and funding is raised by crowds, the sales cycle has permanently changed. It's no longer enough to know your product, nor always appropriate to challenge your customer's thinking based on your online research.

    In Sell!: The Way Your Customers Want to Buy, Dale Carnegie & Associates reveal the REAL modern sales cycle. It's one that depends on your ability to influence more than just one buyer, understand what today's customers want from you (and don't want), and use time-tested human relations principles that will help you strengthen relationships anywhere in the global economy.

    Readers will learn the five stages to master in the modern selling process, and learn from real sales examples told by top performing salespeople and veteran sales trainers from the U.S. to Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and points in between.

    This book combines insightful new research, a modern sales process and timeless, powerful human relations principles. It's a fresh take on what works today to grow sales.

    • Learn the two traits customers want most from their salespeople
    • Which types of questions are rarely asked by all but top salespeople?
    • When will customers be willing to pay more for your solution or product?
    • How what you think about can matter to customers and change your results?
    • And get access to online training resources that come with this book!
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